Boulder Salt® is a proprietary blend of sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium, developed as a nutritionally superior alternative to sea salt or traditional table salt.


The human body needs a variety of salts for optimal health and performance. Sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium all play critical roles in maintaining cellular integrity, proper pH and hydration, muscle function and more.  When you use traditional table salt, and even sea salt you’re primarily taking in sodium.  Boulder Salt is the only salt product on the market that combines all of these important electrolytes!  And with far less sodium per serving than sea salt or traditional table salt and no artificial flavors, colors or additives,  it’s the ideal choice for your salt shaker!


Electrolytes serve as a command center within our bodies, regulating everything from body temperature and hydration to muscle contractions, blood pressure and heart rate.  Keeping them in balance plays a key role in determining how well the body performs during physical exertion.  Boulder Salt is uniquely formulated to approximate the natural ratios of salts in the human body, helping to bring those electrolyte levels into a naturally balanced state.


A quick taste comparison between Boulder Salt and your current salt will speak for itself.  The varying size and shape of the different salts in Boulder Salt give it a unique texture and a pleasant mellow taste - without the bitter after-taste associated with traditional table salt and salt substitutes.  What’s more, Boulder Salt has less sodium, offers a fully-balanced profile of electrolytes, and is specially formulated to be gentle on your system.


It can be used in both cooking and baking but unlike other commonly used salts, Boulder Salt provides a fully balanced electrolyte profile!



“I use Boulder salt in my cooking but most importantly to increase the electrolytes in my diet which I feel helps my hydration. As an athlete – with the increasing spring to summer heat, I enjoy the blend of Boulder salts electrolyte content – rather than just pure salt or sodium. I think this is simply a healthier alternative for anyone!”
Jim Hallberg
Dad, Professional Triathlete, Coach
Longmont, CO

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How is Boulder Salt® different from ordinary table salt??

Ordinary table salt is simply sodium chloride.  Our bodies need several different types of salt for proper metabolic functioning.  Check out our Health page for more information.

Can Boulder Salt be substituted for table salt in baking and cooking??

Boulder Salt® can be used 1:1 as a substitute for your regular salt in baking and cooking.

How does Boulder Salt taste??

Boulder Salt is a very mellow tasting salt, without the ‘bite’ typically associated with traditional table salt and salt substitutes.

Is Boulder Salt a good way to reduce the amount of sodium I consume on a daily basis??

Yes. Boulder Salt has nearly ½ the sodium per serving than tradtional table salt.

I have high blood pressure, and my doctor has said cut back on sodium. Can I use Boulder Salt??

Yes, Boulder salt is lower in sodium chloride than normal table salt and sea salt making it a healthy alternative!

Should I use it before, during, or after competing in an athletic event??

Athletes have used Boulder Salt during all phases of a competitive event. It’s balanced level of electrolytes make it an ideal addition to your electrolyte replacement regime. If you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition, consult your physician.