Month: December 2019

Island Naturals and Healthy Salt (Boulder Salt) – They go together naturally!

Whether you want to buy products that promote good health…or you just want a nutritious meal made by someone else who shares your commitment to healthy eating…Island Naturals has you covered! They don’t just carry Boulder Salt on their shelves, Chef Felix uses it in his prepared food recipes! It’s the healthy salt for every body. And Island Naturals is the health-oriented grocery for everybody!

‘Tis the season – for Salt! (if you have the healthy one)

With all the great food available around the holidays, you’ve got to be vigilant about how much salt you use…or do you?  Not if you use Boulder Salt.  It’s ideal ratio of electrolytes is a nutritious resource for you body…not a hazard to be managed!  Put it in or on all of your holiday food – instead of some other salt.  Your taste buds and your body will appreciate it!

The way salt is supposed to be.