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Boulder Salt – The Salt For Every Body

The terms sports nutrition and holistic nutrition rarely conjure up images of salt. Salt has earned a bad reputation largely owing to its high sodium content and rightly so. However, the “right salt” is actually a recent innovation known as a multi-salt.  Boulder Salt is a breakthrough product that  is low in sodium, alkaline, and sugar free with zero flavorings or additives. It also optimizes hydration with a balanced electrolyte profile. 

Are you ready to transform your health with the ideal salt? Try Boulder Salt – the purest and most perfect health-giving blend with a superb, mellow taste.

Boulder Salt – The Healthy Salt Company

Boulder Salt Company is the healthy salt company that has transformed salt into a multi-salt that provides a balance of minerals that improves your performance and tastes great! 

First things first, we’re not an industrial salt company extolling the virtues of ordinary table salt. In fact the table salt you’re used to is made of sodium chloride, but Boulder Salt is a special blended salt that delivers a balance of 6 critical minerals your body needs while reducing the sodium by 40% and improving the great salt flavor we all enjoy. This innovation has truly produced the best “healthy salt” in the form of the first ever-multi-salt, providing you a great-tasting alternative to table salt with benefits far beyond health and taste.

Optimize Hydration with a Balanced Electrolyte Profile

Boulder Salt was crafted by a biochemist who truly understands the body’s need for different minerals. Its balanced levels of sodium, bicarbonate, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride not only make it the best healthy salt but also a potent and ideal source of electrolytes.

Truth be told, the “hydrating water” or “sports drink” companies typically offer flavored water loaded with sugar not paying too much attention to the balance of electrolytes. However, the body needs electrolytes in the proper ratios to optimally absorb and use water. Mixing our healthy salt with water is the optimal way for athletes to get both water and electrolytes for efficient hydration – minus the calories, sugar, and artificial flavorings.

Say Goodbye to Muscle Cramps

Our salt’s ideal blend of minerals can instantly hydrate. Besides helping everyone with daily hydration, Boulder Salt is a is a great tool to “pre-hydrate”, maintain hydration, or re-hydrate anyone working out or just plain working hard.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, endurance worker, professional bodybuilder, outdoor sports enthusiast, or simply a fitness lover, you’ll find that Boulder Salt keeps you going with its capacity for maximum hydration. Add just 1 to 2 servings of Boulder Salt per 16 oz bottle of water before, during or after activity.

A balanced electrolyte profile is not only essential for vital body functions but can also benefit your body at the cellular level. Plus its higher magnesium content also helps prevent muscle cramps and restless leg syndrome.

Enjoy a Superb Mellow Taste that Enhances the Flavor of Food

These added health benefits do not diminish the importance of taste, the main reason people use salt. Boulder Salt has a delicious, mellow salt flavor that is great for cooking or sprinkling on food.  In fact it won a blind taste test where 80% of the participants preferred it over gourmet sea salt and traditional table salt. Our salt blend also reduces the sodium by 40% while still providing a balance of minerals the body needs. So, our healthy salt will give you you peace of mind in the knowledge that you have chosen a healthy salt alternative that gives you the flavor you love.

Which Brand of Salt is the Best?

In a giant leap forward from the sodium-dominated commercial salt promoted and sold by industrial or “Himalayan” salt companies, our passion at Boulder Salt has driven us to invent and offer the very best healthy salt you can find. We’ve crafted the ideal salt blend with a balanced electrolyte profile that offers not only nutrition but a fantastic taste and an extraordinary hydrating capacity.

We are a small, Colorado-based salt company, but we are happy to ship just about anywhere. Boulder Salt is also an affordable salt brand at just $8.99 plus shipping for an 8-ounce bag. When you try it, we are confident you will taste the difference and appreciate just how much it elevates your food and your health.

Check out what a profound difference it can make in your performance, health, taste, and hydration. Go here if you are ready to buy on-line or visit one of our friendly and knowledgeable retailers. You can also read more about how Boulder Salt came to be (and inspired the healthy salt company into being).

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Health Conscious

At the Boulder Salt Company everything we do is based on helping our customers live healthier lives.  Whether that means better nutrition, optimizing  hydration, or learning more about important health matters, we’ve got you covered. 

Check out our HEALTH, PERFORMANCE, and FAQ pages to see how Boulder Salt can help you on your mission for better health. 

Natural grocery Stores

Boulder Salt customers care about their health and nutrition and they shop at stores that understand their healthy lifestyles. If you’d like to be able to buy Boulder Salt in your favorite store (or you ARE that store), we’d love to chat with you! You can contact us here.


When the weather and your gear has you heating up, make sure you have Boulder Salt on board!  It’s unique electrolyte profile offers superior hydration benefits, with no flavorings, sugar or fillers. You can add it to water or any other beverage before, during or after your ride to pre-hydrate, re-hydrate quickly, and offer relief to aching muscles. 

Check out our PERFORMANCE page for more information. 

Culinary Industry

Salt is a staple in every established chef’s kitchen! But just as important these days is the high amount of sodium in the american diet. With Boulder Salt on your menu, and at the table, you can offer your customers the best of both worlds!

Boulder Salt IS salt, but with 40% less sodium than traditional salt and sea salt and a balanced electrolyte profile that includes potassium, magnesium and calcium. It has a soft, mellow taste that celebrates the true natural flavors,of any dish on the menu. Available in bulk for the kitchen and custom salt shakers for your customers.

Interested in hearing more? Contact us here today…

Emergency Medical Services

At Boulder Salt Company we’ve got a proven track record of helping EMS teams successfully treat dehydration and cramping during athletic events. The professionals who utilize Boulder Salt on course and in medical tents, as well those athletes, appreciate the comprehensive electrolyte profile and how quickly it goes to work. In some of the toughest situations Boulder Salt has even spared medical staff the need for IVs.  That’s good news for EVERYONE!  In this video, you can hear firsthand why ER physician, Dr. Ahmed Stowers, has made Boulder Salt medical protocol in the events he oversees.


Whether you’re an endurance sports enthusiast, play team sports, or are a weekend warrior, the results you gain from your training are only as good as the effort you put it in. The same goes for what you put into your water bottle.

By adding Boulder Salt to your water (or favorite sports drink) you’re providing your body with a comprehensive ratio of electrolytes that will benefit your body at the cellular level. We’re not talking about just sodium. With Boulder Salt, you’re getting a balanced blend of sodium, potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, and… over 1/3 of the RDA of magnesium too! All this, with no sugar, no fillers and no flavorings. Just the pure power of electrolytes. Electrolytes that determine how every muscle in your body works and how effectively it can make use of the fluids you take in. 

If you want to perform your best, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at Boulder Salt. 


Being properly hydrated isn’t something to think about just during a workout or when temperatures start to climb. It affects your ability to think clearly, your energy level throughout the day, and your overall health. And, its about more than just how much water you take in.  To help your body effectively use that water, you need to have a balance of electrolytes on board .

Boulder Salt offers all of the critical electrolytes your body needs, in a ratio that mirrors what naturally exists in the bloodstream.  Adding Boulder Salt to your water is an easy way to improve your hydration and shore up your body’s ability to function at the cellular level.  And when your body is getting what it needs, everything improves! 

Outdoor Work

When your work involves being outside all day, staying hydrated is critical to your livelihood. Water alone can still leave you feeling sluggish and tired. To stay truly hydrated your body needs fluids, combined with a range of electrolytes.  Even the most popular sports drinks have minimal electrolyte profiles. Boulder Salt offers a fresh, natural alternative. It’s loaded with  an unparalleled ratio of electrolytes that mirrors what naturally exist in the human body. It’s mild tasting and has no sugar, calories, flavorings or fillers.  You can drink it in water or add it to your go-to beverage.

With Boulder Salt in your bottle, you can boost your electrolyte levels, your hydration, and your productivity!