The Salt for Every Body.

Natural. Balanced. Healthy.

Boulder Salt® is a balanced blend of sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium, developed as a nutritionally superior alternative to sea salt and traditional table salt.

Naturally balanced.

Boulder Salt® has 40% less sodium than traditional table salt and a naturally-appealing, more mild taste. It can be used in both baking and cooking, and in sports applications…

Optimal health & performance.

The human body needs a variety of salts for optimal health and performance. Boulder Salt® is uniquely formulated to approximate the natural ratios of electrolytes in the human body…

The perfect blend of electrolytes.

Ultimately Bruce (founder and President of Boulder Salt®), settled upon a unique blend of electrolytes – a ratio of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium that naturally mirrors the body’s biological requirements.


A chemist by trade, a holistic nutritionist by passion, Bruce Neeld went to work purifying and re-formulating his household tap water...

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Boulder Salt® is the first salt product on the market that has both sports applications and can be used in cooking and baking!

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Sprinkle on a variety of foods to boost your electrolyte levels and give your body a natural, healthy balance. "And it's delicious..."

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