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Boulder Salt...Elevating performances across the field

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Geared to keep you going

Hard workouts take their toll on the body. Boulder Salt adds to your line of defense with a potent combination of electrolytes including sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium. Our proprietary blend is specially formulated in a ratio that will help you stay optimally hydrated, keep muscles firing, and prevent and eliminate cramping. All with no sugar, flavorings or colors.

Powerful versatility

The unique composition of Boulder Salt delivers unparalleled versatility:

  • Add it to water for an instant alkaline, calorie-free source of electrolytes
  • It can help you hydrate quickly, stop cramping and settle an upset stomach
  • Mild, soft taste blends well with other beverages
  • Small, highly water-resistant packets are easy to carry on the run
  • Its the only sports supplement designed to use in the kitchen too. That’s right - with 40% less sodium than traditional salt and sea salt it’s a nutritionally superior alternative.

The salts every body needs

Most electrolyte replacement products offer little more than sodium. Only Boulder Salt delivers the comprehensive blend of salts (electrolytes) that every athlete needs for optimal performance - in a ratio that mirrors what should naturally exist in your bloodstream. (Click the image for a larger version)