Boulder Salt Ambassadors

Beata Tou Climbing Bishop Terrace
Beata Tou

Beata Tou is a hospitality professional with passions for triathlon, rock climbing, and yoga.

She raced her first Olympic distance triathlon while living in Maui in 2012 and finished 3rd in her age group. This led her to numerous races across the Hawaiian islands. Amongst other accomplishments, Beata finished 1st in her age group at the Keauhou Lavaman 2013 & Waikaloa Lavaman 2016. Most recently she finished 1st female overall at the 2019 Shaver Lake Triathlon.

Beata also enjoys rock climbing regularly in the off season but also uses it as cross training during race season. If she’s not in the water, on her bike, or on the run, she might be scaling a wall high above.

Beata follows a plant based diet as she feels it’s best for her body and the environment. She discovered Boulder Salt in 2016 and now utilizes it as part of her training and race day nutrition. Boulder Salt has reduced or even eliminated any cramps during her runs. It’s her “go-to” when in need because of the instant boost the sodium and electrolytes provide.

John Howerton Running in Ultraman
John Howerton

John Howerton refuses to call himself an elite athlete.  This despite doing what most consider impossible. Namely, completing four ULTRAMAN World Championships — an invite-only triathlon open to just 40 competitors a year.  The triathlon race spans 320 miles in three days.  Boulder Salt is key to maintaining his hydration in this and all his endurance endeavors.

John is very nutrition-conscious – eating a plant-based diet.  He seasons some of his favorites with Boulder Salt.   According to John, “If this diet will give you sports performance, it will give you life performance.”

Jeff Sidders, MD
Jeff Sidders, M.D.

Jeff Sidders is a native of Boulder County, Colorado and graduate of Colorado State University and The University of Colorado School of Medicine. 

Jeff’s passion for biology and advances in wellness made it easy for him to grasp the enormous implications of Boulder Salt for world health as well as his own.  Jeff uses it to optimize hydration on his bike rides and workouts.  He also enjoys its great taste as part of his everyday nutrition.