Boulder Salt® is a combination of salts, with a surprisingly mellow taste.

Natural Flavor.

The mellow taste of Boulder Salt® enhances the natural flavor of your favorite foods. Sprinkle it on fresh vegetables, eggs and popcorn, as a healthier alternative to traditional table salt, sea salt or himalayan salt.

Enhance Recipes.

Add to recipes of all kinds, smoothies, power bars, etc for a nutritional boost – without altering the taste! Boulder Salt can be used as a 1:1 substitute for your traditional salt, in all of your favorite recipes.

Nutrition Baked-In.

When you use Boulder Salt in your baked goods, more nutrition comes out of the oven!

We asked Great Harvest Bread Company of Longmont, to prepare a few loaves of their Honey Whole Wheat bread using Boulder Salt, as well as loaves baked with their traditional salt. Both loaves of bread had identical ingredients, other than the type of salt used in the recipe. The bread was then sent to an independent lab for nutritional analysis. The lab used a method called ash analysis where the bread is burned and the remaining ashes analyzed.

The results showed that the bread baked with Boulder Salt had:

  • 300% more calcium
  • 200% more magnesium
  • 40% less sodium

No matter how you bake, cook, or slice it, when you use Boulder Salt® you’re serving up more nutrition!

A Lifetime of Smoothies

Bruce, Founder and President of Boulder Salt, has been making smoothies just about every day for most of the past two decades, which by his own estimate adds up to over 10,000 smoothies! So what does a guy who has been studying nutrition for most of his life put in HIS smoothies? Here’s the answer:

  • * organic frozen strawberries, blueberries, peaches ( lots of phytonutrients and anti-oxidants)
  • * fresh spinach (phytonutrients and vitamins)
  • * Udo’s Choice Perfected Oil Blend (truly balanced mixture of omega 3, 6 & 9)
  • * oat milk (oat fiber and protein)
  • * whey protein, rice protein, pea protein, (blend of both plant and animal-based proteins which provides the optimum ratio of amino acids that the body needs)
  • * walnuts, almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts (good source of fats, protein and a great source of minerals)
  • * lecithin (acts as an emulsifier for the fats and provides a key nutritional component for the brain, and nerve transmission)
  • * chia seeds (fiber, protein and minerals)

“These are not your typical high carb/high sugar smoothies,” explains Bruce. “They are high in good fats, relatively high in protein, and run about 900 kcal. My smoothies are truly meals, holding my appetite in check for over 4 hours. If a person tried to get this much nutrition in a traditional meal, it would overwhelm the digestive track, leaving them feeling lethargic – and the body would ultimately have to store much of the food as fat. With high quality ingredients and balanced nutrition, my smoothie recipe tastes great, energizes me, stabilizes my blood sugar and keeps me satiated until my next meal!”