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Great TASTING Salt Alternative for Cooking

The mellow taste of Boulder Salt® enhances the natural flavor of your favorite foods. Use it as you do any other salt in your cooking and baking, or just sprinkle it on fresh vegetables, eggs and popcorn. It tastes great and is a healthier alternative to traditional table salt, sea salt and Himalayan salt.


Nutrition Baked-In

We asked Great Harvest Bread Company of Longmont, to prepare a few loaves of their Honey Whole Wheat bread using Boulder Salt, as well as loaves baked with their traditional salt. 

Both loaves of bread had identical ingredients, other than the type of salt used in the recipe. The bread was then sent to an independent lab for nutritional analysis. The lab used a method called ash analysis where the bread is burned and the remaining ashes analyzed. The nutrition of Boulder Salt spoke for itself!

Smoothie Made With a Cooking Salt Alternative | Boulder Salt

Smoothies for Days

My smoothies are truly meals, holding my appetite in check for over 4 hours. If you tried to get this much nutrition in a traditional meal, it would overwhelm your digestive tract, make you lethargic – and your body would ultimately have to store much of the food as fat. But with high quality ingredients and balanced nutrition, my smoothie recipe tastes great, energizes you, stabilizes your blood sugar and keeps you satiated until your next meal! Click the smoothie picture on the right to get my recipe!

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Boulder Salt – Healthy Cooking Salt

Boulder Salt was created while searching for an electrolyte blend that could turn distilled water into a healthy, delicious, optimal hydration solution.  Both athletes and acute care medical providers rely on it to prevent or relieve dehydration and muscle cramping.  It is a ground-breaking invention whose benefits are much broader and greater than originally imagined.  Beyond its spectacular hydration capabilities, it is also the first-ever healthy and better-tasting replacement for problematic cooking salts such as Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt, or plain table salt.   Boulder Salt also tastes great sprinkled on food, making it perfect for people who love to add salt to things but want it to be a healthy salt. 

Boulder Salt is a carefully proportioned mix of sodium, bicarbonate, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride — minerals that are vital for healthy hydration in the body. This blend of minerals also has a delicious, mellow salt flavor, even though it naturally contains 40% less sodium than table salt. Some reduced-sodium salt alternatives taste bitter or metallic, and some “healthy” cooking salt alternatives can also have unhealthy contaminants. None of them provide the optimal blend of minerals that you’ll find in Boulder Salt’s healthy cooking salt. 

People who are looking for a healthy cooking salt, or the healthiest salt alternative to cook with, appreciate that Boulder Salt has the ideal blend of key minerals and sodium instead of traditional salt which is sodium-heavy. It tastes great when used in cooking, baking, or sprinkled on food, making it an easy way to boost these six important minerals in your diet while reducing sodium. 

At Boulder Salt, we are passionate about salt. We invite you to learn more about what makes Boulder Salt the healthiest salt to cook with, plus how it can impact your performance, hydration & health. If you are ready to order, check out our online store! Or you can always stop by one of our friendly and knowledgeable retailers

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