Water Pouring Into a Glass with one quarter teaspoon of Boulder Salt with Electrolytes

Best Salt for Hydration

Natural hydration isn't just about drinking enough fluids. It's also about the balance of electrolytes (minerals) that you have on board. Electrolytes help the body absorb those fluids and put them to use throughout the body. Boulder Salt offers a combination of critical electrolytes including sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate and chloride.

Stay Hydrated

Our salt keeps you hydrated


Mixing Boulder Salt with your water provides you with a balance of electrolytes to keep you going strong throughout the day.


Boulder Salt's unique ratio of electrolytes can help you optimize your hydration. Better hydration adds up to more energy to do the things you enjoy!

Any Activity

Knowing how to stay hydrated for any activity is key to healthy living. Whether you're into hiking, endurance sports, or your work keeps you out in the heat of the day, Boulder Salt can help keep your hydration levels in check!

Extreme Work Environment That Requires Proper Hydration | Boulder Salt Company
When you work in extreme environments, proper hydration is a matter of safety as well as increased endurance and comfort. We can help with single-serve packets of Boulder Salt. They have an infinite shelf life, hold up in the heat and they're easy to carry in pockets, first aid kits and tool boxes.

Learn How Boulder Salt Can Get & Keep You Hydrated

We all know that staying hydrated is important to our health, but drinking water is only one component of getting & keeping yourself hydrated. Without all the proper electrolytes, the body cannot properly use the water you drink. A certain combination of minerals is needed to optimally shuttle the water to every thirsty cell. Salt and water hydration is needed to stay naturally hydrated, but sodium itself isn’t enough. Sodium is one of those important electrolytes that helps keep you naturally hydrated and is usually the most well-known. However, sodium is not the only electrolyte your body needs for optimal hydration.  In fact, by itself, it isn’t very efficient or effective at all. When learning how to stay hydrated, you need to expand beyond sodium and into the realm of all the essential electrolyte minerals

Boulder Salt is made from a blend of minerals to help optimize hydration for everyone — athletes, outdoor workers, and people using salt in their food at home just to name a few. This remarkable salt contains a precisely balanced blend of minerals, including potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and bicarbonate–it’s not just salt hydration, it’s natural hydration through essential electrolytes. This mineral combination provides the body with the electrolytes it needs to effectively get & keep hydrated, with 40% less sodium than standard table salt.

Optimal hydration requires a balance of electrolytes and water, and any time you sweat you lose both.  Your body responds by increasing thirst and a craving for electrolytes (salts).  If you are eating a healthy diet and drinking water, you will eventually re-acquire all or most of the minerals your body needs, as well as enough fluids to restore what was lost.  To optimize your hydration and rehydrate more quickly you need the right combination of salt hydration, right after exercise or exertion, or even just spending time in a hot environment.

Modern table salt doesn’t provide anywhere near all the salt hydration and minerals your body requires to rehydrate, though. Boulder Salt was created with the optimal ratio of electrolytes to keep the body in balance in natural hydration. This precise blend of minerals enables your body to use water more efficiently, getting you hydrated faster.  It can be easily added to your water or any drink to help you optimize your salt hydration.  Boulder Salt also has a clean salt flavor that tastes great sprinkled on food or used in recipes.

Boulder Salt is the best salt for hydration, because it has all of the minerals you need for natural hydration–not merely the iodized salt you get in a standard salt shaker. Boulder Salt is so much more than that: it is a hydration salt. It is an oral rehydration salt. It helps your body to regain its natural salt balance and get all of the electrolytes necessary for natural hydration. This is not a pill or supplement; this is a salt alternative that you can use in your salt cooking and in salt and water hydration.

At Boulder Salt, we are passionate about salt. We invite you to learn more about how Boulder Salt can help you get and stay hydrated.  Also find out how optimal salt hydration positively impacts your performance & health. If you are ready to order, check out our online store! Or you can always stop by one of our friendly and knowledgeable retailers.

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