Hydration isn't just about drinking enough fluids. It's also about the balance of electrolytes (minerals) that you have on board. Electrolytes help the body absorb those fluids and put them to use throughout the body. Boulder Salt offers a combination of critical electrolytes including sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate and chloride.

Stay Hydrated

Our salt keeps you hydrated


Mixing Boulder Salt with your water provides you with a balance of electrolytes to keep you going strong throughout the day.


Boulder Salt's unique ratio of electrolytes can help you optimize your hydration. Better hydration adds up to more energy to do the things you enjoy!

Any Activity

Staying hydrated for any activity is key to healthy living. Whether you're into hiking, endurance sports, or your work keeps you out in the heat of the day, Boulder Salt can help keep your hydration levels in check!

When you work in extreme environments, proper hydration is a matter of safety as well as increased endurance and comfort. We can help with single-serve packets of Boulder Salt. They have an infinite shelf life, hold up in the heat and they're easy to carry in pockets, first aid kits and tool boxes.