When you're giving it everything you've got, you can count on Boulder Salt to help you keep going! Our unique formula sports an unparalleled level of electrolytes, superior hydration benefits, and the ability to prevent and eliminate muscle cramps. All with no sweeteners, calories or fillers.

power at the
cellular level

Benefits that will see you through - Start to Finish

Helps maintain a healthy blood pressure.
Can prevent and eliminate muscle cramping
Supports neutralization of metabolic acids
An excellent source of magnesium - one packet has 35% of the RDA.
Promotes a healthy nervous system.
Balanced ratio of sodium to potassium improves hydration
Can help settle an upset stomach

With a balanced blend of sodium, potassium and other critical electrolytes, Boulder Salt can help optimize hydration, prevent muscle cramping, and neutralize the metabolic acids that build up as you workout. Simply add 1-2 servings per 16 - 20 oz of water before, during, or after activity.

Convenient 2.0 g. packets fit easily in pockets, backpacks and bike seat bags, making it easy to enhance your electrolyte levels on the go. Boulder Salt sports an incredibly stable shelf life, even if left in a hot environment. It can also be added to homemade sports bars and snacks for enhanced nutrition.

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