When you're giving it everything you've got, you can count on Boulder Salt to help you keep going! Our unique formula sports an unparalleled level of electrolytes, superior hydration benefits, and the ability to prevent and eliminate muscle cramps. All with no sweeteners, calories or fillers.

power at the
cellular level

Benefits that will see you through - Start to Finish

Helps maintain a healthy blood pressure.
Can prevent and eliminate muscle cramping
Supports neutralization of metabolic acids
An excellent source of magnesium - one packet has 35% of the RDA.
Promotes a healthy nervous system.
Balanced ratio of sodium to potassium improves hydration
Can help settle an upset stomach

With a balanced blend of sodium, potassium and other critical electrolytes, Boulder Salt can help optimize hydration, prevent muscle cramping, and neutralize the metabolic acids that build up as you workout. Simply add 1-2 servings per 16 - 20 oz of water before, during, or after activity.

Convenient 2.0 g. packets fit easily in pockets, backpacks and bike seat bags, making it easy to enhance your electrolyte levels on the go. Boulder Salt sports an incredibly stable shelf life, even if left in a hot environment. It can also be added to homemade sports bars and snacks for enhanced nutrition.

Boulder Salt Performance

Although many people think sodium is unhealthy, the truth is that the body needs sodium to function properly. Sodium is vital to regulate fluid balance in the body, and this is especially important for athletes because without it, leg or muscle cramps can occur. Maintaining sodium levels is important for athletes and endurance workers to function at their highest level.

When you sweat you lose water, sodium, and other electrolytes. The water is drawn from blood plasma, which then reduces blood volume. This forces the cardiovascular system to work harder to pump blood to the areas that need it, which causes fatigue and muscle cramping. This strain can significantly impact athletic performance.

It is vital to replace the fluid that is lost in sweat, but if the needed electrolytes are not also replaced, the body can’t effectively regulate fluid balance. Without enough sodium in the body, that added water dilutes the blood, but the body is not able to deliver it to the cells that need it. Athletes who rehydrate with water plus the right ratio of electrolytes (salts), can experience faster times and more endurance than those who use water alone. 

Boulder Salt is a balanced blend of six electrolytes, including calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. These important minerals in Boulder Salt work together enhance performance by supporting healthy hydration. This precise mix also comes together to make a healthy salt that will help your performance and reduce the risk of leg or muscle cramps.  It also tastes great on food!  In fact, 4 out of 5 people in a blind taste test chose Boulder Salt over both sea salt and traditional salt.

The mix of minerals in Boulder Salt has a mild, well-rounded salt flavor that tastes terrific on food.  It doesn’t, however, change the taste of water at all when you add it to make a re-hydration solution.  Boulder Salt adds a balanced combination of electrolytes to your water for a clean, refreshing drink.

If you are looking to boost your performance through optimal hydration, help stop leg and muscle cramps, without a salty taste, Boulder Salt with its balanced electrolytes is the perfect product for you! 

At Boulder Salt, we love to “talk salt” and how it can help not only your performance at work and play, but also what an important difference it can make to your health, taste & hydration. If you have any questions about our extraordinary salt, please take a look at our frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, contact our salt experts directly

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