Lavaman Is Coming Soon!

The Lavaman winner heads out on the run (over lava of course).

Where in the world is Boulder Salt? In Waikoloa, Hawaii this coming April! For the 4th straight year Boulder Salt will be sponsoring the Lavaman triathlon. It will be in the medical tent as part of their protocol for treating athletes who are dehydrated and/or suffering muscle cramps.

Fortunately Boulder Salt will also be available on the race course to help prevent trips to the medical tent for these common race-day problems. 🙂

Stay tuned for some beautiful pictures and videos from Lavaman. Better yet, come visit us at our expo booth in the days before the race to sample our wares and try to win a raffle prize! 🙂 For now you can enjoy this video from last year’s race to get a tiny taste of why this event is special and unique.

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