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Our body’s electrolyte requirement is relatively large compared to something like vitamins and it’s virtually impossible to get all that we need from whole food sources.

Portable Electrolytes.

With a balanced blend of sodium, potassium and other critical electrolytes, Boulder Salt can help improve hydration and prevent muscle cramping during intense exercise. Simply add to water or your favorite sports beverage before, during or after activity.

Convenient 2.0 g. packets fit easily in pockets, backpacks and bike seat bags, making it easy to enhance your electrolyte levels on the go! Boulder Salt also sports an incredibly stable shelf life, even if left in a hot environment. It can also be added to homemade sports bars and snacks for enhanced nutrition.

Reduce Sodium Intake.

Each serving of Boulder Salt has nearly ½ the sodium of traditional salt, and it tastes great too! Use it as a 1:1 replacement for traditional salt or sea salt in food prep, cooking and baking.

A Family of Benefits

  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Prevents muscular cramping during intense athletics.
  • Support neutralization of metabolic acids and helps maintain a healthy pH level.
  • Promotes a healthy nervous system.
  • An excellent source of magnesium – heaping ¼ tsp. has 35% of the RDA.

Nutritional facts per 2.0 gram serving (heaping 1/4 tsp)

  • Potassium 150 mg
  • Magnesium 140 mg
  • Calcium 75 mg
  • Sodium 496 mg
  • Bicarbonate 242 mg
  • Chloride 750 mg