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Is Morton Lite Salt Healthy?

Welcome back to Boulder Salt’s “What is the Healthiest Salt?” blog series where our salt experts discuss the ingredients of popular salts, which of those ingredients contribute to health, and what salts can be classified as healthy salts.

Last week in our 3rd post of the series we looked at Celtic Sea Salt, and today we shift gears from “natural salts” to Morton Lite Salt which is more of a modified salt. However, before we get to the specifics of Morton Lite Salt ingredients, let’s do a quick review of our last few blogs on what makes up a healthy salt or healthy salt alternatives


What Makes Up A Healthy Salt?

There are around 15 minerals that our bodies actually require, and most of those 15 minerals also function as electrolytes. The minerals that function as electrolytes include sodium, potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, and chloride. Having a good balance of these electrolytes in our bodies is very important. Most people think that a low-sodium salt is the best salt, but actually a healthy salt is one that is balanced in these key electrolytes, the electrolytes are in ratios that our bodies actually need, the salt is free of contaminants, and it has to taste good.


Morton Lite Salt Ingredients

To determine if Morton Lite Salt is healthy, we need to look at its ingredients. Morton Lite Salt is a blend of regular table salt and potassium chloride.  Specifically Morton Lite Salt contains around half of the sodium of table salt, and that removed sodium is replaced with potassium chloride. While this does lower the amount of sodium in the salt, it makes Morton Lite taste more metallic or bitter.


Is Morton Lite Salt Healthy?

No, because even though the minerals in this modified salt are better than many of the other more natural salts that we’ve looked at in this series, the balance of those minerals is still not what our bodies need. While Morton Lite Salt ingredients do show it has lower sodium and more potassium chloride, it doesn’t incorporate magnesium, calcium or bicarbonate as shown below in the table. Also, by removing so much sodium and adding potassium chloride Morton Lite Salt doesn’t taste good. So, because Morton Lite Salt doesn’t have all the minerals we need, and the minerals it does have are not balanced in the ratio our bodies require, and it does not taste good, we cannot consider this salt as a healthy salt, or a healthy salt alternative.

  Sodium Chloride Magnesium Calcium Potassium Bicarbonate
Table Salt 39.10% 60.80% 0.00% 0.01% 0.09% 0.00%
Morton Lite Salt 21.00% 54.00% 0.00% 0.00% 25.00% 0.00%
Boulder Salt 22.00% 34.00% 9.00% 5.00% 9.00% 21.00%

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Graphic - MultiSalt with electrolytes sodium, bicarbonate, potassium, magnesium calcium and chloride


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