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Best Salt for Athletes | Boulder Salt Company

Best Salt For Athletes

Sodium Bodybuilding: The Best Salt For Athletes People (even experts), often tell you to watch your sodium intake because of heart disease and various other

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A box of Boulder Salt next to a bowl of salt with boulder salt packets on top

Boulder Salt is a Multi-Salt

You’ve heard of multi-vitamins.  You’ve heard of multi-minerals.  But have you heard of a multi-salt?  Using Boulder Salt is like taking a multi-salt because it

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Morton Lite Salt in a Wooden Spoon | Boulder Salt Company

Is Morton Lite Salt Healthy?

Welcome back to Boulder Salt’s “What is the Healthiest Salt?” blog series where our salt experts discuss the ingredients of popular salts, which of those

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Healthy Sea Salt on Wooden Spoon | Boulder Salt

Is Sea Salt Healthy?

Welcome back to our Boulder Salt “What is the Healthiest Salt?” blog series where we discuss ingredients of popular salts used by consumers, which of

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