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Alfalfa’s – Innovative Food, Wellness, Products that are Good for People …….. (like healthy salt)!

Alfalfa's organic produce

The title of this blog is straight from Alfalfa’s mission statement (except the 3 words in parentheses). 🙂 For the past 40 years they have brought the healthiest, tastiest, and most innovative foods to Boulder County. Last year they added the one and only healthy salt!

Today we celebrated our first year of partnership with them. We will be providing product demonstrations there as soon as the current health crisis allows. Don’t wait around for that though!

Stop by their Boulder or Louisville location. You’ll enjoy friendly service from knowledgeable staff as well as their thoughtfully selected products. They also offer a pleasant place to relax over a light meal prepared with the highest quality organic ingredients – including healthy salt. (They also use Boulder Salt in their recipes).

Tell ’em the Boulder Salt folks sent you!

The Healthy Salt is Actually a Blend of Salts!

If you are reading this you probably enjoy salt as much as we do. Sodium Chloride (NaCl), is one of many salts. The healthiest “salt” you can get…is actually an alkaline blend of salts. Give your body the best. Enjoy the Boulder Salt blend! (It’s the one under the “other” hazardous salt).